San Antonio’s Premier Tennis Academy

We specialize in competitive junior to college level players.  All of our tennis training is based on the most current data, ensuring that SATA players receive the most innovative training as the player and game evolves. Our students receive the highest quality of instruction with our “P3 Player Performance Program”. Our program encompasses 6 key aspects of a player: Character Development, Player Performance, Mental Toughness, Fitness and Agility, Match Play, and Court and Player Intelligence also known as “Tennis IQ”. “Tennis IQ” falls on the responsibility of our staff to uncover and educate each player’s understanding of the game.  Players, Parents, and Program work together to achieve and understand the expectation of the development process.

Our teaching pros are passionate about player growth through specialized training sessions.  We ensure that all of our Pros possess the leadership skills necessary to develop students at a competitive educational level. We understand the game at a teacher/player level as all of our Pros have put in the hard work at a NCAA Collegiate level and at a Professional level.  Again, it’s critical that the Player, Parents, and Program are all on the same frequency in order to maximize progress/results.