Physical, Mental, and Nutrition

In today’s game a player must be ready to keep up with the physical, mental, and nutritional demands needed to compete at a high level. Matches can last from 45 min to 4 hours at a time. Weather conditions can also become a huge factor when playing through our Texas heat. At SATA, we understand what it takes to get our players ready for each challenge that will occur in play. A proper strength and conditioning program will help a player elevate their game to new levels along with mental and nutritional insight. There are several components that we focus on to ensure maximum performance potential.

  • Functional Fitness Performance
  • Core and Balance Stability Application
  • Dynamic/Static Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance Application
  • Injury Prevention and Awareness
  • Mental Toughness and Tennis IQ
  • Nutrition Performance Education

Our professional fitness trainers focus on these key components for each athlete. These core fitness components are vital for player success on and off the court.