*Payments are due at the beginning of each week with a 2-day minimum

1-day rate ($46 per day)
3-days per week-($120 per week)

Location: Alamo Heights Tennis Center- Open Academy
Tuesday- 5pm-7:30pm (total 2.5-hours)
Agility, endurance, footwork, mental/physical conditioning, supervised live balls, point play and match play singles/doubles.

Wednesday- 5pm-7:30pm (total 2.5-hours)
Supervised live balls, point play and match play singles/doubles. Drilling with skill level specific groups

Thursday- 5pm-7:30pm (total 2.5-hours)
Conditioning, technique, strategy tactics, stroke production, isolated and static drilling, drill and live ball point situations

  • Must have a minimum of a 5.25 UTR level
  • Must be playing 2-4 tournaments per month
  • Player and Parents must be ALL IN!

*Levels will be separated when drilling and point play by skill-level specific
*Tuesday – Thursday- at Alamo Heights Tennis Center- 705 Trafalgar Rd. San Antonio, TX 78216 (12 courts available)
*Weather make-up days will be prorated for the following month
*Any questions please email- admin@sanantoniotennisacademy.com